Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Book Reviews!

Well, since my last book review got such nice comments, I thought I would do another one! Yes, I read A LOT down here. I'm almost out of books, time to scour the library again! The library here is so hit or miss. I should take a picture of it. It is literally ONE book case of ALL non-medical books. The books are listed alphabetically by authors last name, but only by the first letter. Like, all the "K"'s are together...but not all the "King's". Crazy.

Anyway, here we go!

I don't know if I have done a review for these books or not, but the Sword of Truth series is FABULOUS! There are 11 of them, although the first four or five are the best. The story is about a young boy named Richard who gets wrangled up in all this craziness! I really like the different characters that are in the book. It is a fantasy book, but there aren't really fantasy creatures like you would think. Okay, there is a dragon, and wizards, but there are also these chicks called Confessors. They can make anyone tell the truth. And Richard is The Seeker who uses truth and judgement to do goo. It is pretty fabulous :) It is kind of Dark Side vs. Light Side. VERY fast read. I've read them MANY times.

Wow...where do I start with this one!? This is our latest Book Club book. Holy crap. The first forty pages or so are SOOOO unbelievably upsetting and depressing that I almost put it down. I think it is worse when you have a baby. Every page was like, "oh gosh....." terrible. THEN you hit about page 45-50ish. and BOOM! It is SOOOO UPLIFTING!!! The story is of a dad who is on a camping trip with his three kids and while he is rescuing his daughter from drowning, his other daughter is kidnapped. They can't find her body, but they find her bloody clothes in this shack (hence the name The Shack). A few years later, the main guy, Mack, goes up to the shack for answers. He meets God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. (Okay, I know it sounds weird). It's all about the purpose of life and dealing with trials and sorrow. I REALLY liked it. Even though I didn't necessarily agree with all of the spiritual and philosophical ideas, it was very nice. There were a lot of passages that I was like, "WOAH! THAT IS COOL!!" I highly highly highly recommend this book. For all you mothers out there, just get through the first couple chapters! I read this whole book in six hours. I couldn't put it down :)

The Historian. Very cool book. It kind of took me a while to get through it, but it was really cool none-the-less. You MUST read Dracula by Bram Stoker first. It makes this book even cooler :) It is written in a lot of the same ways: letters, journal entries, etc. It is about a young girl whose father goes missing and she thinks he is hunting Dracula! It takes place during the Cold War and goes through the history of Bulgaria, Instanbul, Romania, etc. It was really interesting, both historically and entertainment-ly(?) I recommend this book :)
Ah, Victor Hugo. He and I have a deep love affair going on. I absolutely adore Victor Hugos writing. I have read Les Miserables about four times (NO, NOT THE ABRIDGED VERSION!!!) and just adore it every time. The Hunchback of Notre Dame isn't quite as heavy or complicated, so I recommend this book first...before you take on The Miserables! :) This book is kind of a downer, but I still like it. If you have seen the Disney's version of Hunchback of Notre Dame, then you need to read this book....to fix the story for you. It is NOT happy-go-lucky, and the good guy doesn't always win. Actually, there really isn't a good guy in this book...hmm...oh well. I really like this book and the way Victor Hugo writes. Make sure you get a GOOD translation with vocabulary words at the bottom of the page, or back of the book. Also, DO NOT read the abridged version of any of his books. WHAT A WASTE! That is like reading the cliff notes. If you read an abridged version....you can't say you read the book. :) His writing is what is so beautiful!

Anyway, that's all for now. I need book suggestions! If you have any books you think are really good, let me know!

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K.B. said...

I haven't read any of those. I'm always up for a good book. You'll have to raid my library at home next time you're here so you can take more back with you. :)