Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay, these pictures are a little out of order because I am having issues with my blogpage. Sorry :) So we'll go backwards!

Easter Sunday we decided to invite all the other LDS couples over for dinner after church. It was really nice to have such a big group of people over for Easter. It made it feel like family! :) We had lots of good food! I was in charge of the main dish: ham. Tom and I drove all over this island trying to find a bone in, spiral ham! We couldn't find anything even close! The closest we got was a picnic ham, shoulder. NOT THE SAME! So we ended up getting a really big deli ham. It was still good, but not a spiral ham *sigh* It still cost $40 too!! For six pounds of ham! AAH!

The other couples provided the rest of the meal: chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, oreo cake, chocolate cake, jello, and green beans! Mmm....dinner was very appetizing :)

Ha! I just realized that Alicia, Hetal, and I are all wearing striped shirts! And Matt! Ha! I love it :)

Saturday morning we had a Spouses Org Easter party! It was very cute :) We invited all the husbands and kids and had an Easter egg hunt and decorated easter eggs with crayons! :) The kids got the biggest kick out of the Easter egg hunt! We had to be careful that the older kids didn't get them all before the little kids!
Here's Ella finding the eggs! She was thrilled that she could open them and spill them....not so much that they had candy :)

This is a fuzzy picture, but she was looking for the eggs :) Sort of...

Here are my Easter cupcakes and some peeps! I'm not the biggest fan of peeps....but ya know...its kind of an Easter staple!

Here is our Easter spread! Lots of yummy brunch food :) It wasn't a very long party, but it was still fun to get together with a lot of the girls and just talk. We could also sit and admire our lovely painting job on the playground ;) Very bright. Ella LOVES the swing, too. Dad played with her for a long time on it! She definately didn't get sick of it! Ha!

I don't have any pictures of Ella in her Easter dress, but I'll take some the next time she wears it. She has been REALLY difficult lately on Sundays. She wakes up really early, adn then is really cranky by the time we have to leave to go to church. That means she is cranky and fussy the whole time at church. *sigh* I wish I had someone to sit in nursery with me. Actually, I wish I didn't have to sit in nursery. I wish my daughter could just be satisfied with a coloring book and some treats! But no...she likes to scream, and wiggle, and run, and climb, and push the chairs around. Ugh. I wish we had pews....

Anyway, the end of the semester is here and we're going to St. Lucia for a week! I'll have a post about that for sure!


Dan and Barbara said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun easter! Ella is so big and so cute! She didn't quite get easter but looks like she was still having fun. :)
So do you guys know when you are coming to the states? Are you guys coming for Lake powell or before then? We might not be going to Lake Powell this year. :( but we are for sure going down really quick for Grandma and Grandpas 50th anniversary, and we can't wait!

Katie said...

Hurray for Easter! Looks like you had fun times. I'm not much for peeps, either. But I love that you could get them there, but not a ham. Craziness.