Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Party!


Things I like about Easter:

1. Good food.
2. Good candy. (I like fruity candy...not so much chocolate candy)
3. Good church service.
4. Days off from school!

Here on the island, everything shuts down on Good Friday. It was a little obnoxious since I needed cupcake tins, but that's okay...we did without :) Friday morning we went over to church for their annual Good Friday breakfast. It is always a little weird, since it is the locals cooking it. But it wasn't too bad this year: pancakes, fruit, keishish-stuff, scones, and then this weird saltfish/fruit mixture....ew....not so much. :) It is fun to see the ward members outside of church. They are so funny and just think we are all so funny! I told Sister Lake that I had breadfruit for the first time this week and all the little old ladies started laughing! :) They thought it was funny I'd never had it! Ha! :)

Friday night we went to a little party thingie at Bamboo Bernies so Tom could get a certificate for being a T.A. for anatomy for two semesters. He's done it for three. They called out a bunch of names....but not HIS! UGH! Stupid Dr. Nash forgot to get him a certificate!! EW! I swear....things like that only happen to Tom! What are the chances that out of aaaaaalllllll the people who got certificates, that TOM was the one who got MISSED! ARGH! STUPID PEOPLE! So...I'm giving a shout out to Tom: YAY FOR TOM!!! :D I'm proud of you for T.A.'ing so well! You are so smart and I'm so proud of you! YAY!

So yeah...we left the stupid party early. But I did have a virgin was REALLY good. I recommend it :) Drinks were on the house, so we experimented a bit with the virgin drinks. Mmmm....

Saturday morning we had a Spouses Org Easter Party! My second to last event for the Spouses Org *siiiiigh* :) We hid a ton of plastic easter eggs and colored some hard boiled eggs with crayons. Thank you to Laura O. for boiling the eggs and bringing the crayons! Thank you to Jill for getting ice and helping with all the eggs and stuff! Thank you to Sharill for bringing the iced coffee that kept everyone awake! :) Ha!

Anyway, it was cute! We had most of the kids there and they got the biggest kick out of the Easter egg hunt! :) And when decorating the eggs, the boys definately got creative. They decorated some like pirates and the monster from Monsters Vs. Aliens! Haha! So funny! :) It was a pretty good turn out: good food. Good company. Good weather. We did it out by our newly painted playground ;) See previous post!

Tonight Tom and I are going out for a night on the town! Haha! Yes....that means its Burger King night with Ella! WOO!! :) Hahaha! It's the little things you have to find happiness from ;) Then we are going to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I hope it is good!

Tomorrow we are having some couples over for Easter dinner. I couldn't find a bone in ham, though :( So I had to buy a big deli ham. I hope it works okay. They had pork shoulder, like a picnic ham...but I did some research and it is NOT the same thing! You have to boil a picnic ham first....THEN bake it. yeah...wish me luck with my deli ham!

Sorry there aren't any pictures on this post...I'm so bad at remembering to take pictures! :(


Angela Henderson said...

yay for Tom! Sorry he didn't get his certificate though. :( And yay for burger king with Ella! lol

Dan and Barbara said...

Poor tom! I am glad your easter has been fun so far. :) What is breadfruit? i don't know what that is, there is just so many american things i still don't know what it is... Yay for the simple things in life, GO BK! :)

K.B. said...

I love the family photos you put up. They are AWESOME! Who took them?

Katie said...

Sounds fun. I've never had breadfruit. What's it like? I also love when little things like fast food are wonderful. Yep, the simple things. :)