Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Well, we had quite the weekend! For Valentine's Day, we had a Spouses Organization party and a pre-block sale, since block was this Monday. So instead of doing burritos for this pre-block sale, we did a lot of baked goods. Now, those of you who know me....know that I am NOT a baker. I can cook....I can NOT bake. So I thought I would try and step out of my box and bake some goodies. My first treat was supposed to be cake balls. They are supposed to be frosting/chocolate cake balls, rolled in melted chocolate. Mmm...Yes...well...I forgot a crucial step: chill for three hours till firm. Also, I couldn't find baking chocolate, so I tried to do melted chocolate...which ended up being too thick. This is what I got....

Poooooor yucky chocolate balls.....Needless to say...they weren't sellable. So I made chocolate chip cookies, which were yummy, and some home made lemon bars...mm....those turned out super yummy :) We ended up making about $400 profit on our little bake sale, which was FABULOUS :) I'll be glad when I'm not in charge anymore, though. I'm getting pretty burnt out. It's a lot of work to do all the pre-block sale stuff: buying all the stuff, which is a feat in itself, going early and getting everything set up: tables set up, microwave (if we are doing burritos) dragging everything inside, getting the drinks all in the coolers with ice, etc., then going over to Jill's to watch the kids for three hours, then switching and going to the sale for three hours, then helping load everything back up into the cars. Man oh man...it's a lot of work :( And that's JUST the pre-block sales! Needless to say, I am excited to hand over the torch at the end of the semester. I'm a little worried, though, because not too many people seem interested....come on, Ladies!!!! You know you want it!!!! :)

Anyway, we had a little Valentine's Party for everyone and it was really fun! :) All the little kids had a good time!

Nate said that he didn't want to smile, though. Sooo yeah, that's why he isn't smiling :)

Here is Laura O., Jenni, and the newest addition to the Spouses Organization, Eleanor! She is about seven weeks old (I think??)

Here are some of our lovely spouses: Sharill, Hanna, Kathy and her baby Lilly (who is so stinkin' cute, bytheway), and Diane!
Here is Ella with the boys, Everette, and Spence. She is turning into quite the man's lady! Haha! :)
Here are some pictures of Ella at church with another little girl. They are a month or two apart and were VERY cute together. Ella kept trying to give her a hug, though....and she didn't really like it. :) I'm not sure of the other girls name....hmm....
So funny :)

Last night, the Honors Society was babysitting all the kids for Valentine's, since Valentine's day was right before block, so they babysat them last night (Monday). So Tom and I totally jumped at the opportunity and went and saw Taken with Liam Neeson. Such a good movie! It was VERY intense and there were some pretty gruesome parts....ew....but overall it was good :) It was the type of movie where the good guy always wins, so that's nice :) It was nice to go out on the town with my honey, too, without a child in tow! :)

So when you go to the movies down here, they always show this Kooyman commercial....and I coudlnt' find it anywhere on youtube....so I videotaped it on my camera at the theater :) Hehhehehe.....here it is....the infamous Kooyman in all his colorful splendor!


Dan and Barbara said...

it seems like you have a tough job being the president there...good luck on the upcoming events!!
we miss you guys too! we wish you could see little Kyle! when r u coming to the US next???

K.B. said...

Ella doesn't look like a baby anymore! :(

I love the new picture on your heading...what a babe you are! yeow.

Shaun said...

new picture, cute! new auto-playing song at the bottome... very annoying. It took me 10 min to figure out what freakin site i had up was playing music. love ya!

Katie said...

Looks like good times. I'm impressed with your V-day activities. I always feel like I should do something, and then I never do. Oh, well.

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

Did you cut Ella's hair? it looks ADORABLE! Chandler wants her to be his second girlfriend :) Hey props for trying the cake balls, the batter is the best part anyway so I say just eat 'em up! You really have put in a lot of work to the Spouses Organization, I really don't think the next President will be able to live up to your standards! Oh and that video is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I just left a long message, but the my internet keeps crashing (gotta love caribserve). Anyway, the Kooyman Commerical is my fav! It gets the toes tappin!