Monday, February 2, 2009

Christimas Vacation...finally!

Yes, I'm finally posting about Christmas vacation! I was waiting for everyone to post up their pictures, so I could put them on here...since I didn't take my camera out ONCE the entire trip! I know...I'm such a bad mom!

These pictures aren't really in order, so you'll just have to bare with my descriptions :) I'm not going to type a lot because I'm not really in the mood.

My parents have this stuffed Santa in the front entry way, Ella got a big kick out of it...I think 'cause it was the same size as her! Ha! She is all dressed up pretty for church.

There were some warm days, so she was ready to go in her sundress and glasses! Haha!

The front Christmas Tree. It wasn't as big as usual, but prices for Christmas trees skyrocketed! You should have seen how many presents were there, too, because there were so many of us home for Christmas! Tom's whole family was there, 5 kids, and my whole family was there (minus Daniel and Barbara), so four kids and a baby! Ha! Sooo many presents!

Ella in her Christmas outfit :) The sucker was in a wrapper...she was kind fo having a hard time with it :) hehe

Yep, had to take baths even on vacation!

Christmas dinner setting. Can you name all the silverware and plates??

Ella is trying to run around with her new Tickle Me Elmo doll from dad! Those are her Christmas Eve jammies, too. They are so stinkin' cute!

Playing with the musical ornaments on the tree. :)

At the Rose Parade!! So happy! Mommy is feeding her cheetos and Coke for breakfast! Mmm!! :)

Woo! Getting in the parade spirit!!

She wants to be in the parade! She was SOOOOOO good during the parade! She didn't even cry ONCE even though it was 3-4 hours long and right in the middle of her nap!
At the Reagan Library. She wasn't the biggest fan of this, she had to stay in her stroller most of the time, and she didn't really want to. Little sweet pie...having fun with Grandma Penrose!

Tickle Me Elmo from Dad!! WOOO!! She got the biggest kick out of this!!

Look! A baby present! Do we want to unwrap her?? Nooooo....she probably will give us a poopie diaper! Haha!

Yep...that's right!

At the Rose Parade again! Soooo sweet !:)

Mom and Dad at the Rose Parade! We had FRONT ROW seats from our friends The Hansons, who were there for two days holding the spot! :) It was very fun.
Just walking around :)
Trying to help Grandma Henderson choose what to have for Breakfast! Ella, I think you forgot your pants! :)
Mmmm! Time for food!!!! Soooo messy....
Woowee! So tired after all the play time and activities!

Look! A mischevious Christmas, not crazy sister ruining our cute picture! Ha!

I dunno...she looks like of mischevious too! Haha! :)

Well, that was Christmas break in a nutshell. We went to Santa Barbara, Disneyland for two days, L.A. for shopping, saw The Christmas Carol with some famous people in it (John Goodman, Christopher Lloyd, and Jane Seymour), went to City Walk, went to my cousins baptism in Palmdale, and a bunch more stuff that I can't remember! Ha! :)


Dan and Barbara said...

very cute! Ella is growing fast!
Sounds like you guys had a great time everywhere you went and specially in cali with both families together! :)
The photoshoot pictures are really cute too.

Megs25 said...

So cute! I miss you!

Katie said...

Clockwise starting at the left: Bread plate and bread knife, salad or dessert plate, place card, pepper and salt sellers, cake fork, water glass, wine glass, tea cup and saucer with spoon, soup spoon, teaspoon, dinner knife, charger, plate, and napkin, dinner fork, and salad fork.

How did I do? :)

Also, I love that pink outfit on Ella. And the food on face. Gotta love the food on the face!

K.B. said...

It looks like you had a great time going home for Christmas. Ella is so cute. Katy still says, "When will we see baby Ella?"