Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WARNING: This is Controversial! :)

This is from my facebook, in case you read it before...
I voted YES on Proposition 8. Let me give you a few points why:

- Because I don't want my children taught in school that a man who is married to a man, or a woman married to a woman is a family. Call me a traditionalist, but its been working so far, hasn't it??

- Because I am religious and I believe in God and the Bible and the Bible gives a big, fat, "NO" to same sex relations. Period.

- Because we live in a democracy where I can have my own opinion.

- Because I want the family unit to be protected. Yes, the family unit as a mom, a dad, and maybe some kids. The family unit is the core of society, and if we lose that....well...we don't have much else. A family is a core unit with certain roles to be filled. Isn't just two people who happen to love each other. That is a "couple". A family is much, much more than that.

- Because I can't believe the Supreme Court overturned a decision that the people of California already voted on! That's a little too much power I think.

-Because 50, even 20, years ago, this would not have even been an issue. I'm sure our grandparents are shocked.

Things that make me upset that Prop 8 is even an issue:

- We already voted on it. Duh. It shouldn't be coming up again so soon.

- People need to read their Bibles. I can't believe people who say they are religious are voting No on this. God gave certain commandments, did He not?? I don't think they are optional - stand up for it.

- I'm disappointed that conservatives are targeted for being bigots. I thought we all had rights to our own opinions? Hmm???

-While I'm flattered that people are making such a big deal about the LDS church involvement with this - I didn't think people would be so threatened by our church - I'm a little disappointed that other churches aren't doing more.

Now realize that just because I voted YES on Prop 8, doesn't mean I'm a hater. I like lots of people who strongly believe in voting NO on Prop 8, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have to like their decisions. If I had a good friend that picked their nose, they would still be my friend, but I wouldn't like that they picked their nose! I also don't care what people do behind closed doors, but that's where it should stay: behind closed doors! I don't feel it is appropriate to push your beliefs on me or my children, especially with something that is so personal and private. I definately do NOT feel they should be teaching sexual preferences in school either - that is a personal decision and I don't want any public school telling my child their personal beliefs. Teachers are not allowed to give political preferences in school, why should they give sexual preferences????

I believe society as a whole to be somewhat conservative. I think the media and the loud minority make it seem like it is much more liberal. This is the time where people need to stand up for what they believe in, irregardless of what people may think of them. I'm sick of people pushing my beliefs around and telling me I'm a bigot for feeling what I feel. Why does being a conservative make me a bigot? Should I call you a destroyer of society because you are liberal? No. We all have our opinions and it should be equally fair to voice all of them. I think that conservatives get the short end of the stick on this, but don't be afraid to tell people what you think! Go Team Conservative!!! :)


Angela Henderson said...

Go Laura! This is excellent. :) rock on. :)

Ashley said...

I say GO Conservatives....but seriously NO go for people that can't let others live the way they want and throw the bible in to get their way!

The Taos said...


The Taos said...

....to your blog, not what that other girl said.

Tom, Laura & Ella said...

The reason for the bible references is because some of my more religious friends are being super hypocritical and it was buggin' me :) I agree with you, though, that it isn't okay for people to push religion in your face either.

K.B. said...

Can I hear a "hoot hoot"?!!! :)
I totally agree.

Those of us who do still hold on to family values (Families that believe in marriage between a man and woman) are still around in great numbers and we will be greatly blessed for our strength and perserverance.

Those of us that do rely on the teachings of Heavenly Father from the scriptues know that we should not and do not "throw the bible" at anyone. Anyone who searches the scriptures out with a sense of humility and willingness to learn will be prompted to learn more. Plain and simple. Even the most cynical of philosophers have the opportunity of experiencing the feelings of having a light heart of truth.

We are responsible ourselves, to listen to the leaders of the world, and to distinguish those of whom that are guided by the correct spirit, and we have been entrusted to show our children all that we know and guide them. It's our eternal obligation!

To infinity and beyond!!!! :)

Amanda said...

you know what really bugs me about this whole thing is that the issue isn't understood correctly. Not everyone has to agree with the way I feel but as much as liberals think we are being intolerant, if the proposition had not passed, we would no longer be able to hold our opinions - they would become illegal. All church ministers/priests/pastors would have to agree to marry gay couples and for those of you who are members, we would have to leave California to get sealed. The ramifications for those who are opposed to same - sex marriage would have been much bigger than the consequences of those voting "no". The reason The United States of America was formed was for religious freedom and although there needs to be a separation of church and state, there needs to be a separation of state and church. The state should not be allowed to dictate how a church is run. Obviously I have strong feelings about this as well but sorry this is so long. Maybe I should've just posted it on mine..