Thursday, November 27, 2008

Really quick, random funny story :)

So I was sitting at the computer trying to find a site that would explain to me how to cook/baste/prepare a ham. Our little computer chair is one of those white lawn chairs...very ghetto...but it works, right??

So I'm sitting there, and all of a sudden Tom slips onto the chair behind me, so now I'm sitting on his lap still trying to find a "ham site" when all of a sudden...

"Are we sinking?....."



We fall to the floor!!!!! The leg of the chair broke out from underneath us!!! Hahaha!!! We were laughing so hard! I told Tom that his big butt was gonna break the chair, but he never listens to me! Hahahah!!!! Good times :)

Our only casualties were Tom scratched his ankle and smooshed his foot. I scratched my foot and hit my butt cheek real hard. Good thing I landed on soft, squishy Tom! Hahahah!!! :)

Anyway, just thought that might give some of you a laugh...

1 comment:

Katie said...

Haha! That's great. You guys better stop breaking the furniture. :)