Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ella was born on Octobr 24th, so when she had her very FIRST Halloween, there wasn't much we could do with her. She was born too close to Halloween to buy her a costume (they were completely sold out at Babies R Us AND Target in her size) and I didn't know when she would be due, so I couldn't order anything. Needless to say, all she had was a Halloween shirt!

This year, though, she had a costume and everything! She was Minnie Mouse with ears and everything :) She was SO cute! We bought the costume at Disneyland when we were in California and I dressed her in it at the park and everything. It was very cute.

We went to the Spouses Org. Halloween Party that was arranged by Lacey, Angela, and Jenni. Wow - it was SO FUN! I had a really good time! The food was good, the decorations were cute, and the games were fun, too! I have to say, I'm impressed with the potluck food from these girls. Back home, the potlucks were always sketchy 'cause people made weird casseroles and stuff. Here, everyone really does make their best dishes! Mmmmmm......

Anyway, at the Halloween Party, there were games like Pumpkin Darts, Musical Chairs, Make Your Own Halloween Necklace, and Guess How Much Candy is In The Jar - which Tom won, bytheway...yes...he won 325 pieces of bubble gum! We shared some with the Fentons :)

This is Ella checking out Luke and Kathy's baby, Lilly. I know, such a cute costume! Ella was obsessed with her! She kept running over and poking her in the face and just looking and talking to her! It was very cute, but I was worried she was going to wake her up! Don't even tell me that Ella wants a little sister....not gonna happen for a while. I'm not even THINKING about it until Ella is potty trained!!! (Refer to previous post)

Tom didn't want to dress up 'cause he is a big party poop, but I dressed up like a Gypsy. I didn't have a costume or anything, I just kind of put it together myself. It was kinda dorky, but I like dressing up for Halloween.....until I got to the party and saw that none of the other parents dressed up! I felt like such a nerd! Oh well....if everyone else wants to be party poopers...they can. :) Haha!

After all the games and stuff we went out in the parking lot and did Trunk-or-Treating. It was cute! Everyone decorated their trunk with Halloween stuff, it was very cute. The good thing about having not very many kids trunk-or-treating is the parents have to get rid of all their candy, so they give away handfuls at a time! Haha! :) Ella was cute. Every time I would say, "Trick-or-treat!" She would wave! Hahaha! :) Little sweetie pie.

Anyway, Halloween was super fun and I'm sad its over! Now, I guess we can look forward to the Thanksgiving Potluck! Two thumbs up for Halloween and the Spouses Organization!


K.B. said...

I just have to laugh at what a ham Ella is!!! I love the one with her feet up in the air. That is AWESOME! And...yes you need another! It's crazy at how old Ella looks next to that baby!

Just so you know...the word verification below is this: "fartion" :)

Katie said...

She is such a cutie! I also love that one when she's showing her undies! Adorable! Glad you guys had a fun Halloween!