Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Cougars!

Okay, so I know the Cougars just lost their last game, but that's okay. We were feeling in the Cougar-spirit anyway :) This was a super fun-filled weekend!

Saturday, I had a Master class piano lesson by this little Dutch old man. He performs all over the world and teaches at some university in Ohio (I didn't catch the name). He is AMAZING. So I had a piano lesson with him, which was SUPER AWESOME! I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE the piano. It was also super nice playing on a REAL piano! Haha! Just listening to those overtones....aaaaah.....sooooo full of tones....I love it. Can I just say that piano is pretty much the most awesome instrument ever? Yes. Ever. Man oh man. I love it. :)
Also, while I was there, I met this lady who owns a piano teaching school here. She offered me a job as one of her teachers!! The students pay $65 for 45 minute lessons. The school gets $5 and the teacher gets $60! YEAH! $60 for 45 minutes!!!! So I'm meeting with her next week to figure out a schedule starting in January. She also said that since I live so far away (I'm not sure where she lives, but when she heard I lived in Maho, she said it was really far away), she said that she has an extra piano that we could put in my apartment so I could teach lessons in my place! MY OWN PIANO!!!! FREE OF CHARGE!!!!! HA! IM SO EXCITED!!!! :) I told her that would be totally awesome and that I would absolutely LOVE to do that! So yeah...I meet with her sometime soon to figure out all the details. If I teach piano lessons, even one a week, I'm making more than I did in ICM...so yeah...good-bye ICM!

So the master classes were from 10-4. I only stayed till 3. The first lesson was in Dutch, the second was in French. Then my lesson, then some little old lady who was playing pieces I had already played, so I left early. That meant Tom was on his own ALL day with Ella! I met them at Eleanor and Kareem's house 'cause they were having a Michigan Football BBQ. Michigan lost, though, it was sad. I was SO impressed, though, when I saw Ella. Talk about ADORABLE! She was wearing her BYU jersey, had a cute little jean skirt on, had socks AND her little blue tennis shoes. The best part of all was that Tom had put her hair in pigtails! ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! I was SO impressed!!!! Talk about the ultimate man! What other guy can fix a car AND put a baby's hair in pigtails?! I know....and he's mine. :)

Sunday afternoon, I performed in a little concert for the master class participants. Most of the partipants played, but I did happen to be the oldest student. I don't care though. It just goes to show that I didn't quit when I was 12 or something. Some of the kids were pretty good...others...not so much. :) Oh well, though. At least they're all playing the piano! Two thumbs WAY up for music lessons! I didn't play super great at the recital, but that's okay. I haven't performed in, like....I do'nt know....3 years?! That's a long time to not perform! It felt good, though. I played the Prelude of Bach's 3rd Englische Suite. It is SUPER hard...so I didn't feel too bad when I messed up a little. Even the teacher said to me, "Wow...always in a rush! Don't rush so much...take it one note at a time...slow down in life..." It was very cute :) You have to imagine that with a heavy Dutch accent. It was so fun!

So that was our fun weekend! This week is going to be fun-filled, too! I have Bubble-Tea tonight, Thanksgiving on Thursday, the SO Thanksgiving party on Friday, and Megans birthday on Saturday! Phew! Busy week! :) I'm excited, too, that Dr. Atchley is GIVING the SO two free turkeys for our party!!!! Talk about COOL! Turkeys are so expensive here!

Well, I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures from Thanksgiving, I'll post those next week!


K.B. said...

I ho you guys have a great Thanksgiving!....island style :)

Shaun said...

There are only two types of people I hate in this world. Those that are intolerant of others and the dutch... That was the first thing that popped into my head when you told me to imagine him saying that in dutch, good times!