Saturday, September 27, 2008

Water Baby!

We have discovered that Ella LOVES a water ring! Oh yes. She is very smart and strong and can hold herself up in it! :) So cute! So here are a few videos and pictures of her before and at the pool. So cute :) Sometimes we'll put her in the pool, then go back inside....
Juuuuuuuust kidding! I'm sure, what kind of parents do you think we are?!
Swimming in her water ring

Crazy haired baby! The sunscreen makes her hair really funny :)

No, she is not wearing a diaper. Yes, she took it off herself. Yes, she crawled to the diaper bag, found a bottle, and proceeded to drink it...diaperless.

Funny baby! Ready to swim!


K.B. said...

I teared up looking at those pictures and videos! She is getting too old too fast! :(

that is amazing she can hold herself up in the ring! So smart.

ashconway said...

She's such a big girl now! I bet she likes being able to be in the water like the big kids.