Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lots of posts! Too many??

Yeah, I know - I've been posting like crazy, but there have been a lot of events that are worth posting about!

We had the Get-To-Know-You Potluck tonight with the Spouses Organization tonight. It was FABULOUS! It had been raining all day and I was totally worried that it was going to pour - and it didn't! YAAAAAY!!! :) The food was great, and the company was too. I think everyone had a good time - at least I hope they did. Here are a few pictures of it...It was very fun.

Also, Ella is starting to walk like a crazy woman! She walks everywhere now! I don't understand why she still crawls, it is like a security blanket. She is pretty stinkin' cute, though. I am also uploading a SUPER funny video of her! I don't know if you guys will think its funny...but I totally crack up every time I watch it. Silly girl...



amber and cody said...

lol, no you're not the only one who thinks Ella is funny, that girl cracks me up! We love TomLauraElla posts, keep them coming! And I'm glad the potluck went well, good job Madam President! :)

ashconway said...

The video is so funny--she is realizing all the different things she can do now...uh oh look out!! The potluck was a great time...YAY! And don't apologize for too many blogs--I love reading them!

K.B. said...

And where do you suppose she gets this "performing for everyone" trait from??

She is soooo cute!

Dan and Barbara said...

She is way cute on that video!
You are keeping yourself busy now with this spouse club. Sounds like fun stuff!
Keep the posts on this blog coming. It's quite fun. :)

Cluff Family said...

Hey Laura! Jill here :) I just was looking at the SO page and saw the blog addresses and saw yours. I was wondering if it is okay if I add your link to my blogpage? Just want to make sure :) Hope things are going well for you guys!

Amy said...

Awwh.. thanks for your comment on my photos Laura. :)

That video of Ella is precious. She's soooo cute, and getting so big!
How've you all been?