Wednesday, September 24, 2008

*Shaking head in disbelief*

I hope you all get a good laugh out of this story.

So this morning, I was taking Tom to school. We left at about 7:42a.m. and were on our way down to our car. We take the elevator down two flights every morning. I am also only wearing my underwear and a bathrobe. Ella is in her diaper. I have keys in one hand, baby in another when all of a sudden as we are stepping into the elevator....




*clink clink*


*keys slip through crack between floor and elevator*



*keys are silently resting at the bottom of the elevator shaft*

*Eyes widen*

*Stare at Tom in disbelief*

Oh yes. I dropped my keys through that little crack between the floor and the elevator......down that little shaft they fell....onto the bottom of the inside of the elevator shaft.
Well, now we have no way to drive the car and no way to get back into the apartment. Jenna and Pat have already left for school so now Tom is going to be late to school and I am going to be stuck outside in the billion degree weather! So I run outside to tell the security guard to see if there is anything he can do. He says he will get a guy to come get the keys (??). Meanwhile, as I'm running back to Tom, I see some other students that live in our building and ask them to give Tom a ride. They say yes, so off Tom goes to school.
Ella and I are sitting outside waiting for "the guy" to come get my keys. He comes...finally...I tell him what happened and pointed to the right elevator door. He says, "I need a flashlight" He ambles on off...gets a flashlight...comes back. Looks down and is like, "oh man...I need some wire" He slowly walks away...goes and gets some wire (it looked like REALLY long hanger wire). He fishes around for the keys for a luck. He says, "I need thicker wire." He leaves...comes back with a fishing pole, and some really thick electrical wire that he is trying to tie onto the end of the fishing pole. (Oh yes, it was quite entertaining). Meanwhile, the electrician guy comes and says, "Oh, we just need to get the elevator key from Robert, then we can stop the elevator at a different floor and jump down into the shaft and back." So he goes upstairs to find Robert (the complex manager). While he is up there, the fishing pole guy is fishing for my keys...
After a while, the electrician guy comes back and is explaining to me that he needs the keys, but Robert lives in the other building....then the fishing guy says, "I got them!" :) I was pretty excited. I was seriously melting in my big bathrobe and Ella was hot and sweaty. After the electrician guy finally explained to the fishing guy how the elevator key works, they walked away and I went up to our apartment.
Wow...If that happened in the first fifteen minutes of me being awake, I'm a little afraid of what could happen the rest of the day!!!! :) Wish me luck!!


camillestuartbeau said...

Glad you got your keys back! Maybe you and Ella should take a "nap" and restart the day. hehe

KathRSmith said...

i would have died!! esp if I was only wearing a least you can laugh about it..haha

Ashley said...

That is the funniest things I ever heard! What are the chances it would actually go all the way down!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness! I actually was just wondering what would happen if you dropped something down there couple of weeks ago. Now I know. So glad you got them back, without too much turmoil.

ashconway said...

Poor girl! Hope the rest of your day went a little least you didn't have to stand outside all day in your robe :)

amber and cody said...

lol, oh Laura this could only happen to you! I am also shaking my head in amused disbelief :) I hope the rest of the day was uneventful!!

Dan and Barbara said...

Can you believe that i can't sleep already? don't wanna find out yet what comes next...
yeah they tell you not to eat a lot of things, but i am not perfect and i think once in a while is ok riiiight???? hahah
We are just going to stay here in Utah for x-mas in our new home(hopefully). I will be due soon to travel. We are planning on having our first little x-mas together. I am excited actually. :)

Dan and Barbara said...

ohh forgot to mention about your KEY event... haha man i am glad it all worked out. You and your caribbean adventures.. that is what keeps life interesting though. :)

k@thryn said...

wow. i think i ould have killed someone if that had happened to me! sheesh, and in your bathrobe, bahahahahaha