Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tagged! My 6 Quirks

Thanks Amber! These are for you! :)

1. I absolutely cannot talk or listen to anyone or anything when there is another sound of some sort going on at the same time. For example, if Tom is trying to talk to me, but the t.v. or radio is on...I only catch about half of what he is telling me. I am absolutely incapable of talking on the phone and listening to the radio or t.v. I cannot even stand when too many people are talking around me because I can't concentrate on anything! Maybe this is a form of ADD? I think it is similar to you, Amber, with the talking on the phone thing ;) Along with this, I tend to FREAK OUT if the radio is on, no one is listening to it...and it starts going staticky. Oh my gosh....I about have a coniption (sp?) until it gets turned off!! How come I'm the only one who notices it?!

2. When I hear music, I play the notes on my invisible piano. When I hear talking, I type the words on my invisible keyboard. So bizarre....I know....maybe that is why I'm such a fast typer, though?? 90+ wpm ;)

3. I'm obsessed with waxing my eye brows. This has diminished since living in the Caribbean where I don't trust many people to do this. In the states, however, I would wax AT LEAST once a month. I always thought unmanicured eye brows looked bushly. Yes, I love getting my eyebrows is always worth the pain.

(I'm finding these are harder to think of as I go along...but I know I do some quirky things...maybe I just don't think they are quirky? I'm desensitized!!)

4. I hate to sweat. I know that is a little inconvenient living here in the bowels of Hell. This is the main reason I don't like to excersize is that it makes me sweat. Ew. It is so yucky. I don't mind swimming, though, because you can't feel yourself sweat. Sweating is so gross. Blah.

5. I don't like weather. Yes, you read correctly. I do not like weather. I don't mind the snow, if you can drive away from it. I don't mind the rain, if you don't have to go out in it. I don't like the sun, if it is so hot you sweat. I prefer a balmy 72 degrees with a light breeze....year round. It is too hot in the Caribbean during the summer. It is too cold in Utah in the winter. It is too fluxuating in Chicago year round. That is why I prefer the little nook of Camarillo :) Peeeeerrrrrrfect.

6. Tom will know what I mean about this one: I absolutely have to have a clean house. Not a tidy house. A clean one. I don't care if there is junk everywhere and you can't see the floor....just as long as the floor is clean! Sometimes when I am cleaning the house, I'll pick stuff up...clean underneath it...and then put it right back where it was! It makes my house not look so tidy, but you can guarantee it is clean. That is one of the reasons why I can't stand how our maid cleans (yes, we have a is in our contract to live where we do). She just kind of tidys and wipes down stuff....I could do that!! I want her to clean clean! haha!! :) Tom is the opposite, though. He HATES it works out with the two of us! He'll clean up the clutter, and I'll clean up the real germs! haha!

So yeah, those are the ones I could think of...I'm sure there are more :) Now I tag Tammi, Barbara, Angela, and Lindsay.


Katie said...

I had a feeling something about weather would be on there. :) Those are great. You quirky kid, you!

K.B. said...

I would have to agree about Camarillo weather. It is pretty much perfect.

So can you type on the computer and listen to music at the same time without it bothering you?

amber and cody said...

man, i am totally with you on the talking/radio thing and the cleanliness! haha i remember how OCD you were about getting your eyebrows waxed, but hey they always looked good! I miss you and your quirks! :)

Dan and Barbara said...

Awesome! I have a few too. Dan thought it was pretty funny and will be doing his first on my blog and then i will do mine. But i am gonna try to update it today.

ashconway said...

Your 6 quirks are great--I totally understand the clean house thing. The sand loves our apartment and it drives me insane.