Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Update...

Well, I thought I would just give a little update on our adventures here on the island...there have been a few. I don't have pictures of them, though, just pictures of Ella that have nothing to do with my I will insert some random pictures of her just for fun :)

All ready for church! :)

First off - we are still TOTALLY loving our new place and all the looooovely amenities it offers: the pool, nice parking, great security, etc. We have found, though, that there is one thing this place has that our other place didn't (or we just weren't there long enough to find out!)...COCKROACHES! EW! I know!!!! We have had two so far. One was in our bedroom and I caught it under a cup and made Tom dispose of it. The other one was in the kitchen by the laundry room door and it was while Tom was at school! I pretty much freaked out, so I wrote Tom on "skype" and told him to come home and squish it. I know it was a pretty irrational thing to ask of him, seeing as he was in his Molecular Cell Biology class at the time...but it seemed like a good idea to me! Anyway, I got one of his big church shoes and squished it! But it was still alive! So I squished it again! I kept squishing it because it kept moving, then finally its legs popped off! EEEWWW!!! So I skyped Tom again and told him to come clean it up...He said I had to scoop it up with a paper towel and throw it away. Eeeeeeewwww.....It was SOOO gross. It was ginormous, too! It was probably about three inches long. Blah! So that was our first adventure :)

Going for a walk....silly baby :)

Second adventure happened on Thursday. I went out to this restaurant: The Tijuana Yacht Club, for a going away party and birthday party for some of the girls in the Spouses Organization. Because it was Thursday, it is free Margarita night...except if you get it "virgin", which I didn't know at the time. So everyone is drinking a whole bunch of them, but I can only have one because I'm cheap and don't want to pay $4 a drink! I swear...stupid expensive "virgin" drinks. Oh well, that's not the adventure part, I'm just complaining. It was really fun, though, and it was nice hanging out with the girls. I got to leave Ella at home with Tom, too, which was nice! I didn't have to worry about Ella crying the whole time! Yay for girls nights out! Haha! Aaaaaanyway, I was giving Jenna a ride home (she lives in the same complex as me) and as we were getting into my car, this black guy comes around the back of my car and this is how the conversation went:

Like I said...random pictures :) but still so cute!

Black Guy: Hey! This is my car!

Me:, this is my car.

Black Guy: NO! This is MY CAR!

Me: No...this is my car. I just opened the door with MY key.

Black Guy: No, no...this is....

Me: NO. This is NOT your car. This is MY car.

Black Guy: *laughing* Juuuust kidding! I just playing a joke on you.

Me: *confused*

Black Guy: A joke, you get it?? Joke?

Me: *still confused* Um...okay. Funny?

Black Guy: I just wanted to ask for a couple of bucks, see my car over there? *points across the street to a nice little Getz* I ran out of gas! I never beg for money, but I can't get a hold of anyone and I just need some money for gas.

Me: *not sure if I believe him or not* ran out of gas?

Black Guy: Yeah yeah...out of gas.

Me: *noticing he has a really nice cell phone in his hand and is actually dressed in nice clothes* is two bucks.

Black Guy: Okay, thanks!! *walks away*

All ready for church again! She looks so cute on Sundays in her little dresses!

Okay - talk about scary!! Some random black guy comes up and starts telling me that my car is his?! WHAT?! What kind of sense of humor do these people have?!? Yeah...Jenna and I were pretty freaked out :)

Well, those are my two latest adventures. Hopefully I don't have too many adventures this week because my family is going to be here- YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! They come in tomorrow at 2:10....I am SO freaking excited! Woowoo!!!!! :)

Oh, here is a picture of me trying to feed Ella some dinner...apparently she didn't want it! Haha!

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amber & cody said...

yay for Caribbean adventures, boo for scary black guys who "play joke"... I would have peed my pants! scary! and boo for yucky cockroaches! Im glad your family is coming out though, that will be way fun! And looooove the pictures of Ella, is it the lighting or is her getting more red? She's super duper cute! Keep us updated, love ya! :)