Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Apartment!

Master Bedroom

Ellas Bedroom
My teeny tiny kitchen

Balcony where we eat sometimes

Here are some pictures of our new apartment! There is a main sitting area that I didn't get a good picture of, but oh well! It is two bedroom, two bath. It has two balconies: one where the main eating area is, and one off the master bedroom. There is a really nice pool and work out area. We also have satellite tv (WOOHOO!!), which we are a little excited about :) Just in time for Next Foodnetwork Star!


Dan and Barbara said...

Your New Place is quite nicer than the older one. I remember when we went on the old one and we had to take that one old road...hehe too bad we didn't stay long last time. I wish we could go there. It's kind of hard now that we are looking for a house, i keep telling Dan we need a Vacation but ya know he won't listen to me...ha-ha! he has to work and work! haha If only i could convince him to go there... that would be awesome. :) have a fun weekend.

amber & cody said...

yay, this place looks super cute! And so does your blog makeover, i love that picture of the three of you :) Im so glad you're happier and SAFER!!!

Richmond said...

Looking at those pictures makes me want to visit soooo bad! Maybe if I were a gazzillionare, I could afford palne tickets! I love your house.