Thursday, May 29, 2008

Silly daughter...

Here is a video of Ella crawling down our hallway :) How cute is that!?

Anyway, I just thought I would give a quick bio update on Ella. Let's start from the top.

She has a little hair. It is sort of a blondish brown, but in the sunlight it looks bright red. So do her eyebrows. Her hair looks like feathers and I want to cut it so at least it is even, but Tom likes it. It is real long on the top of her head, but short around the front, back, and sides. Tom likes how you can comb it forward and it makes a little spike down the front of her forehead :)

Her eyes are hazel. They look really green sometimes, and really gray other times. They look brown and blue, too. I thought babies eyes were supposed to be determined by now, but apparently not.

She has two teeth coming in. Her bottom front ones. They are just through the skin and definately hurt when she chews on you! She has a bad habit of grabbing your shoulder and trying to take a big bite! She also pinches with her little fingers. I don't think she means to, but man does it hurt! She also likes to pull hair, ear rings, necklaces, etc.

She crawls all over the place right now. She hates sitting still and does NOT like her carseat, unless she is tired - then she always falls asleep! She pulls herself up on things to standing position and likes to walk along the couch and coffee table. She can even pull herself up on the chairs and pushes it along so she can walk! She will be walking before we know it!

She doesn't like to be hot. She is MUCH happier when it is cool. She absolutely HATES when the sun is in her eyes. I try to make sure her carseat cover is blocking the sun, but sometimes it is difficult and she whines and fusses till it is gone. She is like her dad in both those senses.

Favorites: her favorite food is anything sweet. She likes cheerios and dry cereal that we feed her during church. She also likes rice crispy treats and knows that dad will give them to her more readily than Mom. She also LOVES otter pops, but doesn't quite understand the concept of "no more" and gets quite upset when you take the empty wrapper from her. She loves bananas now and applesauce. She also likes the "lasagna in meat sauce" from Gerbers. Sometimes when she is in a good mood she likes the "chicken noodle dinners" but not if she is sleepy. She also really likes peaches and pears.

Her favorite toy changes quite a bit. She has this little music station thingie that she really likes. It makes different instrument sounds when you push and pull different buttons. She also likes her little rattle doll and squishy doll. She likes her swing, too, but only for a few minutes. Then she cries to get out...but then quickly tries to climb back in. Silly girl :)

She loves music. I try practicing the piano while she is taking her nap, but it always wakes her up and makes her all excited. Then I can't get her back to sleep. So I've stopped trying to practice then. She likes the music to Chicago and Bette Midler. She does NOT like heavy rock or the guitar solos that accompany them. She also DOES NOT like Broadway music that is sung poorly on cruises where the girl hits the high notes WAY off! :) (true story! She woke up and cried every time the girl hit the note wrong! haha!) She loves when you sing to her and it often calms her down better than anything else.

She does not like bedtime and is still not sleeping through the night. She has been better the past two nights, though - maybe we are turning over a new leaf?? We are excited to put her in her own room in our new apartment (we move tomorrow! woohoo!) so we can just let her cry herself back to sleep. She is in a bad habit because I pick her up every time she fusses in the night. I don't want her waking up Tom so he is tired for classes the next day. But all this is about to change...she is in for a rude awakening :) hehe

She also doesn't like her diaper changed. She doesn't like messy diapers, though, either. It is kind of a Catch-22. She cries if they're poopie...she cries while you're changing them. Silly girl.

She likes the pool and is finally getting used to the beach. She likes to eat the sand, though, so we have to watch her. She has a little floatie that she really likes, too. We have also been VERY careful and she hasn't gotten sunburned ONCE! Yaaay! (knock on wood!)

Anyway, that should be good for now. Sorry I don't have any new pictures. I'll try to upload some more vidoes and stuff :)

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amber & cody said...

Yay, Im so glad you gave us an Ella update, its been too long! haha, Laura only your baby would be sensitive to people hitting the wrong notes on songs! And im glad she's got some reddish hair like mommy :) Im crossing my fingers she starts sleeping through the night in the new place (maybe she'll like it better??), why is it you guys are moving? Anyway love and miss ya, keep the updates coming! :)