Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, I thought that I didn't have very many pictures up, so here are a bunch in no particular order! Most are of Ella because she is super fun to take pictures of :)

Cute new outfit! We love the hat! :)

Silly baby sleeps so funny :)

Isn't Dad just so handsome? And such a sweet little baby!

Ella is starting to like the beach more and more!

Man, you don't get sunsets like this every day! Wow!!

Ella at church in the nursery room. Right now it is just her and Holdyn! Yes, I'm in charge of the nursery.
Dad and Ella taking a break in the West Indies Mall. It is air conditioned and woowee was it a hot day!
Look at these three peas in a pod! Everett and Spence are Ellas new friends!
Ella loooooooooooves the pool and looooooooooves her floatie!

Sleepy Time for Sweet Pies! Ella likes to take naps with her dad :)

Bath time for babies! Woo woo! Get some clothes on that kid before she pees on the bed!

Lunch time! What a mess!

She sure loves her biter biscuits, I'm not sure how much is actually getting in her mouth, though!

Time to clean up!


Barbara said...

Very Cute!! Ella is just so cute. She is sure growing up fast... :)

amber & cody said...

i swear that kid gets cuter by the day! and she is looking more and more like her mommy :)

Katie said...

She's adorable. I love her sitting in the sink. Keep the pictures comin'.