Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is my birthday...the big 2-3! Wow...that feels so old!! :) How am I celebrating my birthday on this tropical island? Well...I'm having one of my girlfriends, Natalie, babysit Ella and Tom and I are going out to dinner. Tomorrow afternoon we are having a pool party at Camille's complex (Tradewinds). It should be great! I'm excited! :)

I also bought my birthday present from Tom the other day. He wasn't going to have time, so I just bought it myself - no worries, though! I bought some faaaaaaabulous new sunglasses! They are Gucci...but they were 50% off! You can't beat that!! So now I have some sophisticated new specs! :) I'm excited. I have to be careful with them, though...I've never owned a pair of sunglasses that were more expensive than $15. Tom gave me the big "you have to always take care of them" speech after I got them :) It was cute.

Anyway, I'll update this more after the weekend and let everyone know how it went! I'll even try to take pictures! :)


amber & cody said...

Happy Birthday to Laura!!! YAYYYYY!!! wow you are super old now :) I actually thought about you yesterday and was gonna send ya a message but we were moving all day, so sorry its a little belated :) I was actually gonna send you a text but I didn't know if you kept your same number? Anyway I wanna see pics of these sunglasses, im jealous! Love ya chickie!

Channon and Carly said...

Happy BDay!!! Sorry this is a couple of days late, we have actually had boy and codi here all week and we have had boy's bday today and mike's (kelly's husband) bday yesterday! What a great time for birthdays huh?! Well, we hope you guys are having a blast and we haven't talked to you forever so we need to catch up! You guys really really need to get Skype so that we can talk for free over the inernet! Anyway, Happy Bday and tell tom and ella we say hi!! Later!