Sunday, February 20, 2011

Post about Tommy :)

So I realized the other day that I didn't really have any posts dedicated to Tommy. Granted, not many things are interesting in a day in the life of a baby, but here are some cute pictures and some info about the Little Dude :)

Here he is all bundled up and ready to weather the cold!

He is learning how to eat by himself, which is VERY good because it keeps him entertained in his little chair! He likes the little puff cereal and yogurt puffs. His favorite foods include bananas and peaches. He does NOT like green beans, peas, or squash. He is pretty picky when it comes to food and gets maaaaaad if I try to feed him something he doesn't like! Spoiled from the beginning...

He is getting pretty good at crawling, but mostly army style. It is pretty cute. He is going to get rug burns on his tummy! haha!

Here he is crawling! so cute :)

Little Tommy is just over seven months old and is biiiiiiig. He is chubby and long, which is totally different than little string bean Ella! He cries a lot more than she did at his age, which is a little obnoxious...but what can you do? He likes being entertained and held...ALL the time. He takes pretty good naps, and goes to bed pretty easy. He is already in size three diapers, which is funny because Ella didn't wear size three diapers until she was one! Even now, she is only in size four pull-ups! Such a string bean. Little Tommy is pretty cute, though, and looooves to giggle! He is really ticklish on his back and head, which is pretty bald. His hair is REALLY fair and in the right light looks red! His eyes are VERY blue, just like his papas!

Tommy and Ella like to play together, but sometimes Ella is a little rough with him...which leads to a bonked head and tears. But ya know, they'll get the hang of it :) Tommy looooves being outside, which is good when it is warm...and unfortunate when it is cold!

Anyway, that's a little about our "Wiggle Dude"! :)

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Angela Henderson said...

Yaaaaaaay!! A post about Wiggle Dude!! he is so friggin cute!! I love him! Love the video btw :)