Monday, February 7, 2011

Goal setting...

Okay, so now that I am officially a "stay-at-home-mom", I feel like I need to be doing something to prove that I am still a productive person. This is the first time I've actually not had a job since before I was married. Even down on the island, I took up a lot of responsibilities that ended up being like a job: piano lessons, spouses organization president, seminary teacher, etc. So here I am - two kids at home, with nothing to do that isn't part of being a mom!

While I was thinking up this list, there are some goals that are more possible than others, but this is just a little list! I'm not crafty AT ALL, either, so it is hard to think up things to do inside the house that don't involve decorating, sewing, hot glue gunning, etc.

1. Get together the kids baby books
2. Make a picture board
3. Make "Tommy" and "Ella" signs for their bedrooms
4. Take up fencing lessons
5. Organize my closet
6. Organize the kids toys
7. Learn a new cooking recipe every week
8. Take an online class (about what? I'm not sure yet...)
9. Read all the Harry Potter books again
10. Learn a new Beethoven Sonata
11. Put Ella in a toddler pageant
12. Print my blog entries from the island into a blogbook
13. Join or start a book club

Okay, so that is all I could come up with. It's not very many! Anyone have any suggestions?? What do you do during the day? Granted, there are some days that you literally just chase and clean up children all day, but for the days that DO go according to nap schedules....any suggestions?


anushka said...

i can't wait to get back to california and learn a new beethoven sonata. sigh... i knit all the time. i always have something going on. i like to read and i make all of our food from scratch. i think you will do great with your list!

Dan and Barbara said...

Good list so far, you could add Date night, play dates, girls night out, pampering session for mom, i don't know.. just things that moms also need to do without kids! :) or Lunch with dad once a week, on Kyle's first year i used to meet Dan for lunch every friday just because since Ron usually comes in after lunch on Fridays... Your list is definitely a good start! :)