Friday, May 14, 2010

Potty Training is Full of Crap....

Yes, we are still trying to potty train Ella. No, it isn't going well at all. I have tried everything:

- Pretty princess panties
- Candy bribes
- Cute new toilet for herself
- More candy/treat bribes
- Brand new toy bribe that she only gets if she goes on the potty
- Moved the toilet location

I can't even think of anything else to do. Anyone else have any suggestions? I'm about ready to invest in some toddler, child, teenage, and adult sized diapers because I don't think my child will ever go on the toilet! I know that kids don't work well under pressure and stuff, but I haven't really been pressuring her. We tried a couple months ago, gave up because it was causing Ella to majorly stress about it, and now we are trying again. She doesn't even care to try to go on the potty and doesn't care when she goes in her pants.

I am getting extremely frustrated with this situation. I only want one kid in diapers at a time and the baby is due in two months.


trine k said...

hey girl, It can be frustrating so here's what I did...brainwash. Ok, not really, but kind of. You don't bring it up, ever, but fill her little life with movies and books just about going on the potty. AND make sure she hangs out with friends that go on the potty and gets to see them use it (that's a really powerful motivator) You can talk to her about how cool it is when you watch and read this stuff, but don't say anything about her trying it. We did this for about a week and then suddenly, it was Leyna's idea/choice to go and she did it! Then, once she did it on her own choosing, she helped me "Throw away" all the diapers in the big trash can and that was that. It might not work for Ella, but it might! Good luck!

Katie said...

We kept the potty around for a long time, quietly encouraging. It took having a cousin the same age who was using the potty to really light the fire under them. We got the book "Stress-Free Potty Training" from Amazon and it was helpful. Good luck!

loes&mart in SXM said...

Same for Nikki: on her 2nd birthday she saw a friend of her call his daddy to bring him to the toilet and she was mesmerized by it. we kept talking about it and she did too, about how her friend was only wearing underwear and no diapers anymore. that's when she started to go to the toilet by herself, without being pushed by us. she decided it. However, we did get a little pause when our second daughter was born, she wanted to wear diapers again, just like the baby. we did allow it, since she wanted to be a baby again too and it went away by itself..
I hope that helps and I hope you're doing fine and great with your pregnancy... we still miss you here at AUC!