Saturday, May 1, 2010


Mom: Ella! You ready to go?
Ella: Of course!
Mom: Of course?
Ella: Yeah! Of course!
Mom: you want to take a nap instead?
Ella: *laugh* No, Mom! Let's go!

Mom: Did you take a nap today Ella?
Ella: Yeah! I sleeped good!
Mom: I dunno, Dad said you didn't take a nap. Did you take a nap?
Ella: Uh huh...sleep good! No nap!

Mom: Okay, Ella, its time to go to bed. Good night...
Ella: Wait wait wait!!!
Mom: What?
Ella: Um......I need a drink.
Mom: Okay. *gets drink of water* okay, good night sweetie.
Ella: Wait wait wait!
Mom: What Ella?
Ella: song....
This then continues for quite a while until I finally just let her scream "Wait wait!" till she falls asleep!

Ella: Watch this!
Mom: What?
Ella: Um....*looking around* *picks up toy* Look at this funny toy!
Mom: Wow! Go show Dad!
Ella: No. No dad. Hide.

Mom: Ella, come here, lets put your coat on.
Ella: No! No touch me!

Ella: Mom! Ella big fart!!
Mom: You had a big fart??
Ella: Yep! Silly goose!

Dad: Ella, want to watch hockey?
Ella: No! No Blackhawks!
Dad: Okay, its time to go to bed then.
Ella: No! Wanna watch hockey! Go blackhawks!

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Katie said...

She is so hilarious. I love these! Definitely do more.