Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 23!

Dr.'s appointments have been going fine. I am definitely showing now and have quite the little belly. I have also been gaining more weight....quite rapidly. Oops! Haha! :) My goal is to not pass the 150lb mark. I was only 152 with hopefully we can stay around there! Haha!

I'm pretty nervous about this baby. Two babies. That is a lot. Ella is so high maintenance as it is....I'm wondering why decided to have another one! Until I see a baby...then I get that "aaawwwwww!!! I want a baby!!" hopefully that will stick around!

I am excited its a boy, but scared, too. I don't know how to raise a boy!? I am excited to buy him a little suit, though. He is going to be so cute. I even told Tom that he could dress him as a football for Halloween this year if he wanted, since he'll be a couple months old...instead of Ella, who was a couple days old at Halloween AND a girl. :)

Anyway, that's about all for now. Don't ask for pictures. You won't see any. You will only get pictures of my pregnant tummy if there is a reason for a picture anyway....not of my tummy.

Oh, I am also NOT excited to be HUUUUGE pregnant for my sisters wedding! Barbara and me both! Haha! :) We are going to look like two pink Elephants! At least Barbara has dark hair and skin and will just glow in a pink dress....unlike me...the fair skinned red head! Oh well... :) At least the dresses should be comfortable, they are maternity that is fabulous! :) We better have cute shoes ;) Haha!


K.B. said...

Boys are so much fun. You just will have to hide all screw drivers, hammers, lighters, matches, glue, turpentine, gasoline, etc....


Before James was even 2 he almost burned the house down by tossing a diaper on top of a lamp. I was on the phone and he came out of the room saying, "Mommy, smoke!"

All I can say is de-struct-o.

Dan and Barbara said...

I am not too excited either being huge pregnant for Kathryn's wedding... I hope i don't go over 152lbs this pregnancy either, that's how much i weighed with Kyle in the end too! :)
You are going to love having a boy though. Not so sure about T-Rex peeing everywhere when you change his diapers... It happened quite a few times with us in the beginning. :) Its fun though. I am sure you will learn fast and Ella will be a big help too! :)