Friday, March 19, 2010

Hilarious new words

So Ella is turning into quite the chatterbox, but my new favorite words are definitely as follows:

"Jew Hat" in regards to a yamulka

And when she tries to say "Shirt"....which does have an "r" sound in it....sooooo yeah. She says she is wearing a pink "Shi*t" It is hilarious. It cracks me up every time :)

She also says "Oops." which sounds like, "Ups." and "Thank you" which sounds like "Gank Goo". When she says bye to anyone she also adds "Seeyouinmorning" in one big word. It is very sweet :)

I love the little things she comes up with.

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Dan and Barbara said...

that is hilarious about the Shi*t! :) They just grow up too fast...

This morning Kyle took his pants off so i asked him: "you don't have your pants on dude?" and he was like: NO! sounded more like a mix of the portuguese pronunciation with the english but it was cute! :)