Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picture update!

Okay, here are some posts with pictures of all the things I have been telling about! :) Haha!

CHRISTMAS: Chicago and Salt Lake City
All of us at the Jelly Belly Factory in Wisconsin! It was fun :) We got to ride the Jelly Belly Express!
Giant floating Jelly Beans!!

Daddy and Ella waiting in line! Woo!! Jelly beans!

The Jelly Bean store. It was CRAZY insane! So much jelly bean goodness! :)

Ellas new "mean face" Just for fun :)

Mommy, Daddy, and Ella on the Jelly Bean Express!

Ella in the COLD COLD weather in Chicago!

This was supposed to be a super cute picture of Ella with Santa Claus....but needless to say she had a complete MELTDOWN when we got up to we took her on the merry-go-round instead...we are such suckers...

Flying from Utah to Chicago!

Uncle Seth and Ella riding the little train in the Mall in South Jordan. Ella LOVED it! She would say "Choo choo!!!"

NAMM: National Association of Musician Merchants
Anaheim, California

I saw Weird Al. I waited in line for a LONG time to meet him, but they cut off the line 10 people in front of me! Grr....So here is a picture anyway...

Same story with John Petrucci *disappointed sigh* Lead guitarist of Dream Theater

I did get to meet Jordan Rudess, though, which I was SUPER stoked about!! :) He was a really nice guy! I also saw him give a demo on these new synthesizer products that was AWESOME. Two thumbs up for Jordan Rudess (keyboardist of Dream Theater)

I met David La Rue and Steve Morse (recording artists for a lot of bigwigs!)

Display dedicated to a guitarline based around the old Bat Mobile

Peter Frampton!! Such a nice guy! He had fabulous teeth, bytheway!

Alice in Chains. They were super nice. When I asked them if I could get a picture, they said, "Of course! It always looks good for us to get pictures with hot chicks!" Ha! They said I was hot!!! Talk about a good self esteem booster :) Hehe...especially being three months pregnant! Woo! I've still got it! :) haha!

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