Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picture Update 2!

Again, another set of long overdue photos!

St. Maarten Zoo

Ella loved getting the peanuts and feeding them to all the animals. There were these little monkeys, though, that she didn't like. When she tried to feed one of them a little peanut, it accidently grabbed her finger instead of the peanut and she FREAKED. It was kind of funny :)

It was SO hot at the zoo! Thankfully the fabulous Spouses Org provided slushie juice boxes and treats for all the kids!

Piano Students on St. Maarten

Performing at the "Christmas/Farewell to Laura the Teacher" Concert :) Seriously.

Trying to potty train...its still going on...its a slow process....

Pretty princess day! Ella LOVES her tutu!

Food prep for Book Club! We discussed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It is a fabulous book about a book club!
Memories of St. Maarten

This is for all you med students out there....a beauty salon on Front it. I don't think I'm getting my hair cut there, though...heheh :)

Just a little reminder of Maho... hahaha!

And a reminder of Cheri's Restaurant

Ella's Birthday Party!
Layla's, St. Maarten

Ella's pretty princess cupcakes!

Ella was having a blast opening presents and licking the frosting off her cupcakes!

Happy Two Year Birthday, Ella!

Dancing with Papa in her new sparkley shoes! This picture doesn't do them justice. They are COVERED in white sparkles! Ella loves them!!

New costume jewelry for her birthday!! :)
Heading to the Butterfly Farm!

It was kind of squishy in our full car! :)
Ella loved the butterflies and kept trying to chase them!

Lounging at Sarafinas...I don't know where she learned to lay like that,
but it is pretty freaking cute :)
More Memories of St. Maarten
A makeshift chapel they made across the street from my piano ladys house. It is just in a vacant lot surrounded by broken down cars :) It makes me smile...

Ella watching the singers at Cheri's

She was quite enthralled.

Ella and Daddy in Maho

Mommy and Ella in Maho

Yummy desserts at the Creperia in Simpson Bay

Mommy and Ella in the Jolly Jump outside of Burger King...before it started pouring!

Sugar Apples. Definitely NOT my favorite fruit...

Baby Bananas! YUM!!

Starfruit! Yum! They taste like apricots!


Alicia and Roger said...

Well how the heck are you guys? What's the update on that bun in the oven?

{cody.amber.chandler} said...

i LOVE all these pictures! So fun! I am definitely going to miss hearing about your crazy island adventures, but I'm glad you're back home! And i PROMISE to come and visit you soon- Cody said maybe for my bday, hehe Ü I can't believe Ella is two, she's adorable and so grown up!