Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting ready to go!

Well, finals are finally finished for Tom and we are ready to head on our way!!! Well, he has one more tomorrow morning, but it is a really easy one so it just counts a little bit ;) This is a picture of Tom holding all the material he needed to know for finals. This is not including all of the material covered in text books. This is just the material from the teachers themselves. Yeah...crazy. So while Tom was taking his finals and I was packing/cleaning/getting ready to go, I wanted to make sure that some of Ella's winter clothes fit her. So we started playing dress up, and this is what we got!

She loves her boots and hat!

She was running around the house in a hat, a coat that is a little too big, tights, and boots. No shirt or anything, it was so funny!

We leave for New York tomorrow afternoon. We originally had a nine hour layover at JFK, so we were like, "What the heck...lets just stay in a hotel, spend a day there, and leave the next morning??" So that's what we're doing! We are going on a boat tour of New York and going to Central Park, Times Square, Serendipity, etc. We are pretty excited :) Then we are flying to Utah and spending a few days there. Afterwards, we are flying to California with Dana and Cheri, the boys are driving. We will spend Christmas and New Years there, then we fly back to the island. I'm really glad we are breaking up the flight there by spending a night in New York. Ella is an absolute NIGHTMARE when we fly, so its good that it isn't aaaaallllll 20 hours of traveling in one day. I'm not looking forward to ANY of the traveling part, wish me luck!

Yesterday was a sad day....we said goodbye to our really good friends, the Fentons. She was my only Mormon friend on the whole island. *sigh* It's really sad that they are gone. I'm sure we'll run into them sometime. I mean, what Mormon doesn't have a reason to ever go to Salt Lake?? Hahaha! There is a new Mormon couple coming...I hope the wife is nice and we get along! Haha! I hope the Fentons flights went okay! They have crappy traveling, too! They were flying to Miami, a five hour layover, flying to Billings, an hour layover, etc. etc. Man oh man...and they have three kids! Wishing the best of luck to them.

Anyway, I'll put some more pictures/videos up probably after the trip. Don't expect anything while I'm on vacation, though...its vacation!!! :)


K.B. said...

You get to stop in NYC??!!!! I am sooooooo jealous! I would love to be there at Christmas for a visit. YOu guys will have so much fun. I can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

Katie said...

Have an awesome day in the Big Apple! That's pretty sweet.

And I'm sorry about your friend moving. I hate when that happens.

Christian and Stephanie said...

So fun! Nothing beats NY around the holidays!

We've done everything in st. maarten through Blue Bubbles (down by Bobby's Marina) and they've given us really good deals! They do a trip to Anguilla that is fabulous. Their St. Barts excursion though isn't long enough. I really wish we would've had more time on the island. I'd recommend going on the Rapid Explorer or Vogager, which I think leave out of Marigot.

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

I'm so sad we're missing the party tonight!!! But we're coming back Sunday and reallyreallyreally want to see you!! Call me and let me know what your plans are! (i'll try texting you too...) love ya! 8016697096
p.s. i hope you didn't throw Ella out the plane window, I'd really like to see her :)