Monday, October 6, 2008

Island Poem

Today I sit and wait at home,
so I thought that I might write a poem.
So about the island, I will tell
and describe the ways that it is hell. :) hehe

The worst thing right now are the 'squitos
They drink your blood, like Tom eats cheetos! (He really likes cheetos)
By the end of day you're red and itchy,
This can make anyone act bitchy!

The island prices are such a pain.
It's $20 for a box of Gain!
And $8 for a gallon of milk,
So instead, we just drink Silk. (Not really, but we drink that powdered milk stuff, but Silk rhymed).

The golf course can be VERY scary.
If you're out at night, please be wary!
They like to steal your money and stuff,
They're big mean black guys who are really buff!

The bridge is another nightmare, too.
Sometimes you're stopped for an hour or two.
You scream and curse and shout in vain
Then think to yourself, "Not high season again!"

And when it rains it certainly floods
The entire golf course turns to mud!
Your car coughs and sputters to get through,
But that's what all island cars do!

I hope you like this little tune,
perhaps I'll write another soon.
So keep us in your thoughts and prayers
We still have more than a year! (That rhyme was a stretch...I know...just work with me :))

Hehehe :) Hope you liked my poem! This is dedicated to all those girls I worked with in Special Collections and we used to write poems all the time while we were bored! Haha!


ashconway said...

I'm loving the island poem! So funny--

k@thryn said...

very creative, that last rhyme defintaley was a stretch though... lol

Lacey and Kevin - Island Life on St. Maarten said...

lol love the poem, very creative. =)

camillestuartbeau said...

so clever!!!

Megs25 said...