Monday, October 20, 2008

Hurricane Omar

Okay, okay! I'll finally put up some pictures and stuff! Hurricane Omar passed by us last week and it ended up being a category 3. Yes, it was fabulous. So here are some pictures of the damage: This used to be Bliss and a bunch of other restaurants.

This is right along airport beach. The waves were so strong they were ripping the little barrier thingies out of the concrete!!

This was on our street. They came and moved it pretty quickly.

This is me...wondering where everyone is?? Maho is usually pretty busy!

Sunset Beach Bar...they're still cookin' food! The whole restaurant was pretty much washed away...

No, this isn't a river...this is a road. This is the road leading to Beacon Hill. We tried to go over and see our friends, Eleanor and Kareem, if they needed rescuing...but we couldn't get through!!

Well, that's pretty much all of them. There are more pictures on the other girls blogs if you want to see them. You can go to the Reimer's Blog, Kathy and Luke's, or Hannah Oh's. They have good pictures of golf course and stuff, which was also majorly taken out! The beach is pretty much extended all the way to the road...with no sign of golf course whatsoever! It's pretty amazing.

We're all safe and sound, though. The water and power have been finicky, but other than that, we're safe. Some students, like our friends Kareem and Eleanor, lost EVERYTHING, though! Their whole place was almost swept away! :( It's super sad, so we're trying to fundraise to give them a bunch of money and stuff. So sad.

Hopefully that was our only hurricane we'll have to go through!


Katie said...

Wow. That's crazy! I'm glad you guys are alright. Good luck getting everything back in order. I hope you don't have to go through another one!

Dan and Barbara said...

That is so crazy! I saw some of these pictures on facebook. I am glad that you guys are ok.

We are moving so it's kind of crazy... Dan meant to call you last weekend, he should try calling you sometime this weekend maybe..

Hope all is well and have tons of fun this weekend with Mom, Dad and Andrew. :) We all wish we could be there to help Ella celebrate her first b-day but i am sure you guys are going to have tons of fun anyways. Take lots of pictures.

Love and Miss you guys!!