Friday, February 20, 2015

My Babies: a long overdue update

So this one time I had this blog that I kept up regularly...then I didn't...soooo yeah, here is my attempt to update things that have happened over a years span. Yep.

She is as sassy as they come in such a small package. This seven year old is determined to push my buttons every chance the can...and gets the biggest kick out of it EVER. Her thrills include asking me to pick out her clothes in the morning, and then proceeding to dump everything out of her drawers while proving to me why the clothes I chose were the WORST. She is in first grade right now with a FANTASTIC teacher. She enjoys school, but says she HATES tests. She also thinks homework is stupid because she "already knows how to do it...why does she have to do MORE at home??" Amen girl. She is enrolled in dance class and piano lessons.
She is fantastic at both, but also tells me repeatedly how she doesn't need classes anymore because she already knows everything...Yep. She is SUPER smart and recently received an "Excellence in Academics" award at her school! She got a banner, a pin, and a big certificate, AND was invited to a special celebration for only a few select kids in the whole school. We are so proud of her :)  Here are a few tidbits about her:

Grade: 1st
Activities: Piano lessons, ballet
Favorite subject in school: Art
Least favorite subject: Library time ("You only get to look at ONE book the whole time! It is so boring!")
Catch phrases: "I know, Mom!"
Friends: Tahlen, Brooke, Trystan, Cayson, Bridget, Eva, Landon
Favorite Movie: High School Musical (No, I still haven't seen it...)
Hobbies: Writing her own songs, dancing, playing in the back yard, bossing her little brother around.
Least favorite activity: bed time. 

Next child: Tommy
This is my sweetheart of a four year old. This kid is all love...and rowdiness. He seldom holds still, even when he is sleeping. He is enrolled in preschool and really enjoys it...even though he is a bit of a trouble maker and his teacher is often telling me, "He has a hard time paying attention because he just wants to talk and play with the other kids!" So we have been working on channeling that energy to more production things :) haha!

He was enrolled in soccer over the fall and LOVED it. He has amazing hand-eye-foot coordination for such a young kid. He has been drop kicking a soccer ball since he was two and can throw better than I can...which isn't saying much, but still! He loves to play and always has a smile on his face. He never back talks, but does have a hard time following directions because of how easy he gets distracted. He is such a sweetheart and is always sharing and wanting to help.

He's very much into super heros right now, especially The Ninja Turtles and Spiderman. Some of his favorite catch phrases include, "I've got the power!" and "To the rescue!"  (The picture above is with his "super hero hair")

Tid bits about Tommy:
Age: 4
Grade: Preschool
Favorite foods: Anything with sugar, caprese salads (seriously??), chicken noodle soup, and juice
Least favorite foods: vegetables
Favorite activities: Playing outside, playing video games, jumping, practicing his karate moves, bed time.
Friends: Jordan, Brayden, Jeff, Cayson, Trystan
Favorite shows: anything with a super hero

Next child: Sammy

This sweet boy turns one today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! He is seriously the happiest baby EVER. He only cries if he is tired, hungry, or has poops. That is it. No other fussing. Seriously. He is about 50/50 on whether or not he sleeps through the night, but that's okay. He is ADORABLE and looooooves to snuggle. He started walking around Christmas and loves being outside. He is seriously so smiley!

Tid bits about Sammy:
Age: One! Happy Birthday!
Favorite foods: captain crunch cereal, pasta, fruit cocktail
Least favorite foods: scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese
Catch phrases: "Ta ta ta!"
Favorite activities: being held, yelling, running around
Least favorite activities: being put to bed, being ignored
Hair color: still pretty much bald, but I swear it is strawberry blond :)

Okay, well, I think that is pretty much it with my babies. I seriously love them to pieces! THEY ARE SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!! :D

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