Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 Ella is my four, almost five, year old daughter. If you're reading my blog, you probably already know all about her - but just in case you have forgotten how brilliant, intelligent, hilarious, sassy, sometimes bratty, and otherwise AMAZING my daughter is - here are some Ella-isms for your enjoyment. Keep in mind I am absolutely not making these up - I'm not that creative...

*walking around the house with a box full of stuffed animals*
Ella: Babies! I got babies! I got babies for sale!!

 Ellaism of the day: talking about making bad choices
Ella: you know what some bad choices are?
Me: what?
Ella: watching bad movies, listening to bad music...and killing your mom
Tom: wow, that escalated quickly.

 *Ella conversation while trying to get her to BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEP!*
Ella: I'm already sleeping mom! I'm just sleep talking!
Me: No, you're not! You stop talking right now or I'm going to give you a sleep spanking!
Ella: What's a sleep spanking?
Me: Keep talking and you'll find out!
Ella: *silence*
Me: *aaahhh*
Ella: Show me on dad first. 

 Ella: Who am I going to marry?
Me: I don't know, sweetie. You don't really have to worry about that right now.
Ella: I'm gonna marry Tommy.
Me: You can't marry your brother. You don't marry family.
Ella: You married dad though? He's family.
Me: But he wasn't before we got married. We get married to start your own family.
Ella: So who am I going to marry?
Me: I don't know sweetie. You'll figure it out when you're a lot older.
Ella: Like maybe a guy without a wife?
Me: *laughing* Yeah, definitely a guy without a wife.
Ella: I'm gonna get all the guys, line them up in a line, and pick one of them that has hair just like me. Then I'll marry him.
Me: That's a great idea :)

*very seriously*
Ella: Mom...I can't go to preschool
(keep in mind she has been excited to go to pre school since she heard about it MONTHS ago)
Me: Why not sweetie?
Ella: *sigh* I don't have a backpack...
Me: Well, baby girl, we will get you a backpack.
Ella: Really?! OKAY!!! That's really cool, mom.
I hope she stays this easy to please for FOREVER. 

The other day we went to the BYU football game...
Ella: MOM! MOM! MOM!
Me: What?!
Ella: Look at that girl! She's black! Just like I saw on t.v.!
Me: Uh. Yeah?
Ella: Woah.

We need to get out of Utah...

Another bedtime episode...keep in mind that bedtime is an hour or more long process before she finally wears herself out...and me...holy cow...
Ella: Mom, I am NOT going to bed.
Me: Ella! You get in bed right now or you will be in HUGE trouble!!!
Ella: *sneers her face* Bring it on.
Tom: *sticks his head out from the other room* Did she just say bring it on??
Me: *shock* Child. You better get your bottom on your bed now, or you will spend tomorrow in your room. Move. It.
Ella: Fine. 

This is Ella's "model" face...

My sassy daughter. I love her. She is so stinkin' smart. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with her. :)

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nunu said...

show me on dad first... that one made me laugh! she's so funny. this was nice to catch up on you guys. i hope you all get to move somewhere where you're all happy!